Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Genetically Modified Foods do NOT have the life force of Mother Earth

Genetically Modified Foods do not have the life force of Mother Earth- I first heard these words from Mayan Grandmother Flor Di Mayo of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers .

She said- " Gather together and plant your real seeds of the Mother Earth. Even if you are in a city or apartment you can plant a garden in your window or in a community garden "

She was so passionate about it- at the time I did not know about genetically modifies seeds and the foods we are eating. The poor of this country are eating it because it is cheaper food- wealthy ones or at least more economically stable ones are flocking to organic grocery stores...but what about the poor-ones with larger families and ones who are simply unaware that what they  eating is unnatural...

I have a friend that comes for healing-she works for a drug company as a cancer drug rep- she said she is seeing what she has never seen before.In her work she visits all the cancer clinics.She said it used to be only old folks-now the cancer clinics are bursting with people- and she said it is primarily-YOUNG PEOPLE-EVEN LITTLE CHILDREN!

We are poisoning our children in so many ways. One of the ways is through food- we are what we eat. Cells mutate to form cancer- we are feeding our children consciously genetically mutated genes-through the seeds.

The company Monsanto is to me one of the most evil entities ever concieved. If ever there was a monster that needed defeating that is it...

Who would take naturally occuring seeds and genetically alter them? Big business would- in order to patent the unpatentable.. in order to gain control of the countries food sources and in order to control the farmers.

Many other countries have banned genetically altered seeds. I believe we should do that in America. I believe these should not be allowed. I believe the American citizens should uprise and not allow this.We should take those seeds and burn them in the streets.I believe we should be allowed to vote on whether we will allow these to be legal in OUR country!

I believe given a choice people would shout out-

Oh Hell NO- to GMO!!!

Until that happens you will find me and the members of the Three Rivers Tribe gathering our seeds- planting our gardens and searching out farmers who will grow only organic and only  with Non GMO seeds ..these local farmers we will support IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE!

I am beginning to shop only organically and preferrably local to cut back on the resources used to feed my family.
Working on self sufficiency. Learning to wildcraft foods.

Yesterday something ancient awakened in my Spirit. The drops of Native American Blood flowing in me ignited and said... it is time to


I am a peaceful person by nature. I am also a Mother- potential Grandmother... and as a middle aged lady- AWAKE to the dangers around my children -ALL children.

There is a predator circling around the weak and defenseless... this demon has fangs to kill- it seeks to silence us with fright. It seeks to attack us from within and without... do you not feel fear to speak out-I do a little bit.. I see flashes of being taken in the night to a Fema camp or disappearing all together- we are SO in a police state in many ways.


When good people become afraid to speak out for fear of their government -it is time to open our eyes and see..when big business dictates to us the very foods we ingest-it is time to take action...

It is the time of prophecy for the return of the Rainbow Warriors.Peaceful Warriors... we will do no harm! BUT- we will raise our voices in a mighty war whoop- and we will bring this monster crashing to its knees!

We do it for the 7 generations to follow- I want OUR  grandchildrens grandchildren to eat REAL food!I want them to breathe free and to speak their truth!.. I do NOT want them pale,sick and dying before they ever had a chance to LIVE!!

And so this peaceful warrior rises up fists in the Air- barefeet planted in Mother Earth - HELL NO TO GMO!!!

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