Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spinning Energy Into Gold: Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony for Lightbearers

Saturday, March 3, 2012, 7:00 PM


 Many years ago I had a Near Death Experience.

One of the spirit gifts that came from my NDE was a ceremony of abundance.The ability to use spiritual alchemy-the spinning of energy for manifestation of YOUR dreams come true .

So many of you have big things to do with your lives and to fulfill your calling yet are seemingly always blocked by financial difficulties-let's together clear that out and call in miracles of manifestation for the greater and higher good we serve!!

Once a month I will offer this ceremony of abundance in person in Penn Hills PA-just 2 doors outside of Pittsburgh City Limits - I recommend coming in person as it is indeed very powerful energetically! The group energy is electrifying and the Spiritual Alchemy when performed by a Master Spiritual Alchemist is unforgettable.

If you feel you are too far away to attend in person-you can find it as an e-book on Kindle-I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold: Wealth Manifestation for Lightworkers
My goal is to aid Lightworkers in their abundance and money manifestation ability!! 

1845 Lincoln Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (edit map)
Please park roadside-not in bus turnaround lot! You can get a ticket and towed!!

I have been conducting this ceremony of abundance for many years for groups large and small-in DC I was paid 111.11 per participant-here in Pittsburgh as directed by Spirit I offer it on a donation/pay what feels fair to you basis!!

A short account of my NDE and Angel Connection Experience!!
During that time I had a choice to walk into the Light or to come back and serve mankind during the Great Earth Shifts.I chose to do this work and before coming back into my body I spent Eons of time learning in the Akashic Records Library.
After my awakening from the NDE I was gifted 3 spirit gifts-one of which was this abundance manifestation ceremony!
The others were healing ability and akashic records access
7 years ago I had a re awakening and a calling from the Angels.I had 4 visits from the Archangels and a Vision of what I was to do and what I was to learn.This took several years as I was to learn the 5 touch healings gifted to mankind and became a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Haumana Shaman, learned Jewish Shamanic Healing,North and South Native American Healing- along with my family healing energy as a Celtic Dana Healer .
After finishing my education once again the Archangels visited and gifted me a form of Healing Energy called Angel Love Light! This powerful transmission of energy brings a healing of the Chakra system, clears the Pranic Tube,clears energetic attachments,charges and sets the chakra system spinning correctly and aligned.
This allows the body to self heal much more quickly and powerfully! How it will work for you I do not know-I do know a shift will occur and whatever is for your greater good and whatever miracles you are ready for... can and will happen for you..
The things I have seen healed are cancer, arthritis,depression,financial difficulties,fibromyalgia,weight issues,spiritual difficulty.. and much ,much more!
I make no claim to BE the healer-the Archangels are the healers as messengers of the Divine! I am a simple vessel for Spirit! !

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