Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Earth Community Building and Prepping for Great Earth Shifts

My mind is on New Earth Tribes and Conscious Community..we of the Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community in Pittsburgh PA are holistic healers,musicians, carpenters,masons,writers,artists,metaphysicians,gardeners,crafters.Our tribe is  forming and and we make plans for growing gardens together, living near each other and being a family type support system. Learning old time life skills so  we may become self sufficient-self supporting.
Developing a tribal economy within our circles.This year particularly growing a big garden, drying,canning,freezing our foods together.
 Getting bee hives, chickens and milking goats..and learning how to work together well as a unit..

Learning to work by consensus and to become a nicely organized and functioning New Earth Tribe!

I was watching the show on Nat Geo about Doomsday Preppers... if you know me you know I am a prepper.
What is a prepper and what am I prepping for you might say??..

Preppers are people who are forward thinking, tuned into the changing Earth Energies and preparing for upcoming times of intense change. We stock up food,water,hunting supplies-bows,fishing gear guns,ammo,also lighting, solar batteries,firewood, medical supplies, barter items.. we feel this system is getting ready to break. When it falls it will be sudden and most will go into shock,fight or flight and panic mode....
We are ones who intend surviving shifts as society reforms. It could and likely will take years.We also want to be able to go quiet and not have to go out into the public for a time while things are chaotic.In other words when society breaks down- what will people do- run to the grocery store,try to get gasoline and kerosene, look for firewood,etc..
A prepper has that covered already.For us there is no time of panic.Do we want to see society break down and billions of people starve? No of course not.. but we are ones that have seen the writing on the wall and the end of these days.. and we have determined in our hearts what to do!

What am I prepping for specifically?
Solar Flairs called Wormwood as prophecied and prepared for by many NA folks.
The electric grid going down for years
 Crop failures and the repercussions of "suicide" seeds- GMO Genetically Modifies Seeds that do not reproduce useable seeds like intended by Mother Nature!

Well all my life as part Cherokee there has been talk and rumblings about solar flairs during our times... also my Maternal Grandfather being a Druid looked into this time and saw the Earth Shifts as not cataclysmic but definitely intense!
The Mother Earth will shake off  of her back her own children that are doing harm to others, doing harm to the 7 generations stocks and reserves and to Our Mother Herself.
She does this because should She fail- all life would fail on this Beautiful blue jewel planet.
The 7 generations stocks and reserves are what we when we get into greed and using TOO many of the Earths resources tap into.. it is NOT ours but is for the following generations.In the West we have become such greedy children having to HAVE SO MUCH.. so very much more than is even reasonable.. we are insatiable in our consuming..  WE ARE LIKE RAVAGING LOCUSTS IN OUR HUNGER FOR MORE STUFF.. MORE STUFF... MORE STUFF...It is a never ending sickness of modern man.

So personally I have pulled back from rampant consumerism, gotten off the hamster wheel of modern economy and it drive to be as GOOD as .. or better than- someone else.. the competition energy of-I got  this I am better than ...seen through the eyes of never ending fashion, consuming ,needing the best and brightest and latest gadgets...
For me at this time modern society with it hypnotic TV watching, consumerism and greed is ultimately BORING! So shallow- vomitous.
I love things like-natural healing/wellness... growing a garden,reading,educating my mind, intelligent conversation,, getting together with like minded folks for potluck dinners, live small venue music and songs by singers who are THINKERS....preferably around a campfire! I love relearning old time life skills that have been almost lost .. a 2 or 3 generation break in knowledge can be devastating! I love walking in nature-learning to  wildcraft medicinal herbs and finding wild edibles. I love listening to ones full of knowledge of these things speak and especially to be trained hands on how to DO these thing (I learn best by hands on doing-not book study)
I love sharing cups of herbal tea with friends -from herbs I grew in my own garden! I love my pets, my husband and being close to my grown children. I love the spiritual circle I am priviledged to be part of.. and the New Earth tribe I am forming- am working to magnetize as directed by Spirit .. I SO look foward to seeing that progress!
I am not in fear of the times of Great Earth Shift.. but am busy in a time of preparing as best I can for those days upcoming.. very soon!

All Souls will be safe-that does give me comfort-though many will lose their lives in the decaying of this Old World. All Souls are safe and attaining to the Oneness.. and so it is!

Sunday 11 am we are having a potluck brunch to plan the gardens- feel free to come! Bring a dish to share!

If you want to donate any self sufficiency, old time life skills, metaphysical or gardening books to our Tribal Resource Center-feel free!