Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shamanic Perspective: Dreaming the World into Being...

From a Shamanic Perspective- all life is just a dream.So make it a good one.
Most folks believe that life is out of control, chaotic-they take what they can get from whatever the World is.. They do not know they are creating it all the time!
The Shaman knows it- and so creates in that knowing field.
That could seem like arrogance-yet it is ...

Why are some people able to create their dreams come true and others seem to create living nightmares?
It is in the knowing of how to control our minds. The aligning of the conscious and unconscious. By focusing on what we want to create -instead of focusing on what frustrates us.
My Grandfather was a Druid of a very old order-he was known as the King of the East-He wore brown in ritual.He was a humbel,loving farmer-nothing fancy.But he was wise beyond anyone I have met since..

He said" Create what you want from love energy- as what you create will bear the mark of love- beware creating from frustration energy or what you create will always bear the energy of frustration..."

You know that is SO true-and that is where ones are failing miserably in creation of joy,abundance,happiness. They focus on what frustrates them -instead of what makes them joyful! They focus on NOT wanting to be broke and are sad about what they can't have versus feeling appreciative for what they do have and knowing that if they work for it and dream about it-they can have or be ANYTHING THEY WANT!

Ones who fail- tend to be critical of ones who have succeeded. Old Hawaiian Shamans /Huna Practitioners teach-when you see someone having what it is you want-don't be jealous! Bless them for showing you the possibilities- feel really good for them and happy for their success.. that creates a clean and clear circuit in which the Universe in turn brings to you that which you wish to create.
It  does take practice to spin energy positive.Especially if negative thinking and negative creation has become habitual. It takes time and work - but time well spent that will bring intense dividends all your days of your Earth Walk .

First you must dig yourself out.. so start focusing on having a positive ,loving and allowing thought process...Imagine yourself being positive and optimistic! You will create that 1st in the mind.Over time it will become your way of being-create that 1st then you can manifest anything at all...truly anything!

When you speak and use the words I  AM-you invoke creator energies so be aware of when you say these words-what Is spoken thereafter you create! I AM sick-creates more sickness- I AM broke creates more financial chaos.. so you see- you are creator in your world- created in the image of GREAT Creator-you create!

I don't ask you to believe the what is so-I ask you to be open to the possibility .This is not new information- but ancient! Your mind is a powerful creative tool... look around you-everything that IS-started with someones thoughts.. then the will to create-then the work of creation-then the harvest of it-


So my friend-what will it be???
Today I call upon myself to create within me PEACE,HARMONY, KINDNESS,POWER,POSITIVE ENERGY,COMPASSION,WELLNESS,VITALITY, CREATIVITY ,THE IMAGINATION AND FIRE TO PAINT.. since it is Valentines Day- a renewal of the spark romance never ending... or shall I spin positive and say- I AM LOVE-I AM IN LOVE WITH LOVE AND LOVE IS IN LOVE WITH ME...!

After I create these conditions within-guess what-it filters out into the World of my creation! Magnetizing to me all I need in my little world of JOY!! Then expanding out into the cosmos- out into the entire Universe.. bringing the Heavens to Earth- paradise.. oh I am a big believer in Shangri-La.. and I believe we create pieces of it everyday-all the time!

Can you imagine if many thousands of us understood their ability to create- wow- what a world... hmm-I am going to get right into creating that now.. as above so below- as inside so outside.. to microcosym-the macrocosym... you and I do have to power.. so use it wisely..

Create in the Energy of love.. you will love the results!!
And so I leave you to ponder this- Spirit Weaver AHO!!

PS-I am planning to do a Blog Talk Radio show today at Noon talking about the Three Rivers Tribe Gardens- please join me as we create a wonderful intentional community garden-full of magick,healing and wonder!

Thurs evenings at 7 you are invited to Psychic Development Class-
Saturday we have a Spirit Communication Circle at 7
Sunday morning at 11 am a potluck brunch to plan the Three Rivers Tribe Garden and begin organizing the Pittsburgh FAEDAY festival!!

Love,light and powerful manifestation to you!!

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