Friday, February 3, 2012

Heal the Waters Prayer....


I am going to work awhile
My Mind is on my work.

My roots run deep and strong and blood red.
I am Mixed in my Lifes Blood

I have learned to make Peace with the Warring within

I am Cherokee and Celtic –
The Invaded and the Invader.

Once a Spirit came to me and said,
”Tell everyone you meet this prayer to

 Heal the Waters

In this Vessel flows the blood
Of  2 great people
The Cherokee and the Celt
The invaded and the invader

It is by going within this Vessel
And healing these waters
Calming these Waters
That by each exhalation of breath
The Waters within that breath

Blends with the waters of the breath of every Lightbearer

Making its way into the Streams
And Rivers
Finally coming into the Oceans
All around the Earth.
Blending into the ALL that is..

In that way
In that small small way

Bringing heaven to Earth
The Father to the Mother

Joined in US
For we are ONE
The Rainbow People
As the wise ones say-
We are –
The Ones we have been waiting for …
All is well
As it ever shall be …

My love –my Spirit
My children

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