Monday, February 6, 2012

Angel Love Light Protective / Healing Prayer

I am the author of "I am Midas Spinning Energy into Gold: Wealth Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance for Lightworkers" - E-book available on Kindle!

This is a prayer I use often when opening Sacred Space for Healing Circles!
Lovely high vibrating ,protective and healing energy flows into the Space!
I hope you enjoy it and feel the divine presence of the Holy Archangels when you say this- when ending your prayer just say thank-you to the Angels and release them from your Space!

I will write more about what ones can ask for and how to manifest dreams come true w the Angels!



I CALL IN THE 7 Angels of the 7 Sacred Directions
To surround me in love and light
Allowing in ONLY the Highest Vibrations of LOVE and LIGHT into this Sacred Space!
(Give time to feel them arrive then continue)

I ask you to remove anything of a lower energy vibration from this Sacred Space-be it fear, doubt, worry or guilt.
Be it illness of the mind, body, Soul or Spirit
Removing this to a Space of Love, Light and Healing
We do no harm
But never allowing this to return in any way shape or form in  any and all dimensions of time and space!

And where anything is removed in this Sacred Space we ask you to infuse this Space with LOVE, LIGHT and Healing.. a thousand times a thousand love and light, a thousand times a thousand love and light, a thousand times a thousand love and light!
We call in the HIGHEST levels of Healing Energy available on all dimensions of love and light NOW!
In love and light we do no harm!

Great week upcoming as I am writing my book on Appalachian Medicine and doing Angel Art for an art showing in Pittsburgh this June!

Oh yes let me share what I have going on this week..
Tuesday at Noon I will have a Blogtalk radio show-

To rsvp- please join meetup!
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Join me each Wed for Appalachian Medicine Healing Circle- 7 pm!
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Seichim Reiki Attunements Sunday afternoon
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