Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Angel Love Light: Shamanic Trance Medium Group Energy Healing /Psychic Surgery Instructions

Angel Love Light:
Shamanic Trance Medium Group Energy Healing
Mon to Fri 4 to 6 pm!
No appointment necessary
Pay what feels fair!

For our trance medium healing group energy gatherings at the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills - please read these few short rules!
Please arrive no earlier than 3:35
Doors locked at 4:30 w/ no late admittance
(I am in a trance state and late comers disrupt the energy)
No talking or speaking out during the healing for the same reason-it breaks the trance state
Please remove shoes inside so the Earth energies can come through your feet w ease!

Selected By: SandraBear Davis: Medicine Woman
1845 Lincoln Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (edit map)
park roadside -82 bus stop-parking is on both sides of street- my same side down by old abandoned house w/big lot is best!
I am descended from a long line of healers , but many years ago had a Near Death Experience that enhanced my gifts. Since then the Archangels have gifted me a specific type of Healing Energy called Angel Love Light Healing .
I do not claim to DO the healing-to me it is Creator/Great Spirit and the Archangels!

I ask you to WEAR WHITE if at all possible - this gives the Angels the permission to do your greatest healing!

Instructions for ones receiving psychic surgery

At times in order to remove lower energy/energetic attachments or to pull out powerful sickness I may be called to do touch healing and psychic surgery.

Where anything is removed we ask the Angels to fill you with miraculous healing energy!

If I touch you to draw out these things-you have had psychic surgery.

For your BEST healing
for 30 days following any psychic surgery!

It is best for you healing to get lots of rest and I ask you to please
 and NO SEX
I understand this is a sacrifice but your healing continues long after your visit here...


Mon to Fri 4 to 6 pm we will have trance medium group energy healing.You will need to come the whole 2 hours- please be on time but no earlier than 3:45 -thank you!

Please note: I never know from day to day how many are coming-sometimes it is 20 or more and sometimes no-one-SO-I will hold the space until 4:30-if no one shows up by then I will assume no one is coming and close the space.

I am an unconscious trance medum healer.As a trance medium healer I work with Divine Feminine Energies and the pure tones of Spirit Songs is the energy that brings in the most powerful healing!Although in no way comparing my gifts to these amazing healers I add this so you may see some of what I am working with-I do work on the order of the famous healer John of God in Brazil or Sai Baba but of course I am little known and work from a small humble space in Penn Hills PA . As a FT healer and Oracle -

This healing will be on love offering/donation basis. Pay what feels fair to your heart !

 You will need to sit quietly and meditate as you will likely be in a trance like state
at times I may speak to you-actually the entities I work with may speak to you-then you may answer-but no one else is allowed to speak out !!

We work in Sacred Space
Do a sageing ceremony/smudging to remove negative energies.
This in itself can bring in miracles of healing from Spirit!
We have a crystal gridded chair you may feel called to sit in as this amplifies the healing energy-when Spirit shifts you out of the seat it is time for someone else to experience the energy!
We do aura cleaning and chakra balancng.
Vibrational medicine as in using crystal bowls, drums,rattles and voice.
The pure notes and energy of Spirit Songs bring in the Angelic Healing Energies!

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David Sparby said...

Please tell me how to turn scepticism¨and doubts ¨but into positive thinking and pisotive vibrations and helping other people channeling good energy.