Thursday, February 23, 2012

Using daydreams to set your intentions for maifestation

This is my painting-Strawberry Fairy : The 1st ripe strawberry.So hard to work when the strawberries call!! 
I love how happy,content and daydreamy she looks!  

I used to be a contant  daydreamer- just in a state of not being where I was -in class..SO BORED. I'd be daydreaming about riding my horse. I have always daydreamed about having the perfect little cottage with the perfect little gardens.Coming into my spotless kitchen with copper pots gleaming were rows and rows of my home canned goods. In my daydreams I was often painting landscapes wearing flowing dresses and straw hats!

From that daydream it is obvious I was a person longing for simplicity,self - sufficiency,creativity  and serenity.The focus of my life now is that as well!

Do you have something you really need to change in your life?
Do you have something you really wish to create?

First and foremeost to accomplish anything you have to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!

It is pretty hard to get what you want when you don't even know what it is.. or if you are drawing from way too many possibilities.

To get firmly on one path does indeed mean letting go of other possibilities. This is a good thing -but -yes -sort of hard! We are like kids in a candy store with SO many options we can hardly choose!


What sort of life do you see when you day dream?
Perhaps the keys are in that fantasy.
Don't be afraid to look at it with that thought.
I am going to search my daydreams and fantasies for some keys to what I want to do in my day to day life!

What are you always thinking about- where do you see yourself. How do you look? What are you wearing? Where are you living? How does this daydream you live?

These are the yearnings of your Souls calling!

As I have focused my intention on manifesting the life of my daydreams I find  I daydream less and now set intentions wih visualization.

Because I tend to be a very big daydreamer-I limit the time now I spend on focused visualizations- usually when I wake up 1st thing I will focus my intention on what I intend to create. Seeing it as fully formed.

I need to start doing that by foreseeing each day as it unfolds and reading the energies of each upcoming day-that just popped in my head and I am going to follow through ith it.. as a new project!

I hope you will look into this-what your daydreams can tell you about a direction for your life!

This is a short blog today-I am just getting over a cold and have much to accomplish today!!
Love and Light to you!

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