Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seichim Reiki: Ancient Healing Energy of LIVING EGYPT!

I am teaching a Seichim Reiki Class
Sunday March 11 3 pm !

I wanted to share some information on this ancient, incredibly potent form of healing energy of 

This is an acrylic on woodboard  painting I did of Seichim Energy

 My personal experience with Seichim The Ancient Healing Energy of LIVING Egypt... is that it is really very powerful-and magickal ... for me actually far MUCH more powerful the Usui Reiki . It opened me up psychically as a healer like nothing I had ever experienced!.
If you are drawn to Psychic Healing, Ancient Egypt , Cat Energy,Pyramid Energy-the Goddesses Sekhmet and Bast-this is the healing energy for you!
Seichim is an ancient Egyptian healing energy.  People know they are called to this when the word resonates with them.  .
There are 7 Initiations- and a time of practice healing with each participant in group.
This is intuitive healing at it's finest!!
Please arrive ontime (up to 15 minutes early!)to allow a time of reflection and grounding
Please eat lightly -limiting red meat and dairy the week prior to Initiation!

This next bit is taken from information on Seichim by my teachers Mary and Neville of Telepathic TV-
If you are ever in the DC area I recommend then highly!
All human beings are capable of emitting healing energy from the center of their palms.  We can see by our auric field that our bodies are conduits of a vaster energy.  We are all born knowing that we can heal ourselves.  After the initiations in Seichim, we remember this in a whole new way.  We also see how we can infuse others with this healing energy*.
Seichim is older than our civilization.  It was brought to this planet intact and has never been interrupted.  All forms of touch and non-touch healing are all of the same thing.  Seichim opens your ability to emit the full rainbow spectrum, including gold and silver.  Those that were initiates in other lifetimes feel immediately drawn to it.  Each person has their own unique experience with the Seichim energy.
There are 7 initiations.  Each facet is unique and complete within itself.  Together, the facets build on each other.   Each initiation triggers healing, cleansing and balancing in the initiate.  Upon completion of all seven facets, the initiate may initiate others.  There is a certificate issued after each level and one may begin working with people immediately. 

*Seichim is not meant to replace medical treatment or sound medical advice.  Seichim is a healing art and as such, is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  People using Seichim do so at their own choice and risk.  If you feel you have any health concerns, please consult your health care professional.

Some biz info as to the classes....
Sunday, March 11, 2012, 4:00 PM

1845 Lincoln Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (edit map)
Park roadside - park roadside NOT in bus turnaround!! Parking is roadside in this area bith sides of the street (not by fire hydrants)

Price: $100.00/per person



Patrick.Zeigler said...

Great to see you are teaching Seichim!

All Love
Patrick Zeigler

The Appalachian Medicine Woman said...

Thank you! I m sorry I missed your sweet comment! Love and Light! We had to postpone that class because of snow but am rescheduling for March 11 th!
I love Seichim don't you??