Saturday, February 18, 2012

Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community -Vision Statement and Intentions

Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community.

We are part of the Rainbow Children of Ancient Prophecy.Here to be good Earthkeepers and to serve the next 7 generations!

We are a New Earth Model Community . Based on Oneness,love and light.We are Ecumenical and honor each persons right to choose how they will experience the Divine Mind as long as we


Ours is to raise the vibration of the entire Three Rivers area for miracles of manifestation and healing and to hold a space of love !

We will teach others who magnetize to us as a new Earth Model Community -to remember the old ways of self sufficiency and good Earth tending!

We intend to live in harmony with one another and with the Elements and Spirits of Nature!

We will tend to,support,  love and honor each tribe member from the moment they come into this world to the time of their passing into the next realm of consciousness .

We are coming to a remembering of our own divine nature and see it in each sentient life form!

We honor our bodies as a Divine Temple housing our Soul and seek to live holistically healthy lives!

We seek simplicity ,frugality, and we honor the next 7 generations in our use of the Earths resources.

We seek to build homes that will enhance our life force, are built for 7 generations and that are aligned to Earth and Universal Energies..

We strive for tribal self sufficiency  and to connect deeply as Children of Great Spirit and Mother Earth.We are gardeners,artist,healers ,writers, crafters- drawn to form conscious community and to be part of a New Earth Tribe.

In love and light we serve the GREATER GOOD as a model of the possibilities and potential of all humanity to REMEMBER their own Divine Nature and to become good Earth Keepers in order to serve the next 7 generations!

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Tribal Hawk said...

our visions are so close