Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trance Medium Healer and Medical Intuitive -my bio

Thank –you divine love light for taking the time to read this! I wanted to share a bit about my journey as a healer!
I have a healing gift that has passed down in my family for at least 5 generations. The gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and empathic healing. Doing as my Great Grandmother before me …walking into the forest and communicating with the elements of nature ,of seeing into the herbs and feeling what is needed to heal, also as was my Pentacostal miracle healer Grandmother- by laying on of hands and medical intuition. My Great Aunts and some of my Aunts focus more on end of life midwifery-aiding ones in the death transition to do so without pain or fear. I have been privileged to do this a time or two…

I also do work as a spirit medium and aid Earthbound spirits into the light. This is an important task for healers now. Many people suffer from Earthbound spirit and other lower energy attachments and working as a transport medium I PULL these energies through me as a purified channel for spirit. I had extensive training in doing this safely. There is no fear in doing this-it is done in ALL LOVE!

Unlike most "healers" I am a Medical Intuitive and SEER- I see into many dimensional realities all at one time - including past and future life, I see any spirit attachments, cords of attachment and literally SEE the energy body. I see the MOMENT illness began to manifest and have the ability to BEND time in order to go back to when the water within the cells of the body were perfectly healthy-and help them REMEMBER that pure health! My training has been over 51 years and began when I was born-but the past 7 years has been primarily shamanic and energy healing as well as honing my herbal tonics, infused oils and vinegars, tinctures and elixirs!

I am a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Haumana Shaman
Trained in Jewish Shamanic Healing
I have been trained by Medicine People from the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee, Panamanian, Andean.
Attended several fire ceremonies and sweat lodges  with Taino and Mayan Medicine People.
I have extensive training in psychic development, crystal and vibrational healing..

and YET-after all that time, money and training..
I practice what was passed down in my family- the OLDE thyme Appalachian Folk Medicine Laying on of hands-calling in the angels to heal, transport mediumship healing and work with herbal tea and healing soup...
I love it-it is my lifes calling!

Forming the Nunnehi Homestead : Healing Retreat center (Nunnehi is Cherokee word for Nature Spirits)in Lake Toxaway NC. This will have 7 rustic healing retreat camp spaces, large biodynamic gardens, homestead livestock, classes and events, our mission through our non profit "Three Rivers tribe" is to teach people the olde ways of simplicity, self sufficiency, folk medicine, living close to nature, being good Earthkeepers and forming community in a New Earth Tribal Model.

Passionate about forming homesteads that are honey bee havens- in a spiritual battle with Monsanto- teaching people to work with the simple seeds given by Creator!

Ecumenical space-spiritual -NOT religious..our simple religion is LOVE...

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Sandra Bear Davis/Mama Bear is a 5th generational folk medicine practitioner of Cherokee and Celtic Descent. Master herbalist, Trance medium healer working with shamanic energy, crystal and vibrational  healing, medical intuitive ,maker of herbal concoctions to heal, painter of folk art angels, Nunnehi Medicine Woman- seer and mystic.

Teacher of the Sacred Arts, leader of Sacred Ceremony and Healing Circles


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