Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Hope Jazz Gardens project with our NON Profit!

This is in the formative stages and we are putting this together NOW- in love and light we serve the GREATER good!

The New Hope Jazz Gardens Project -affiliated with Nunnehi Homestead Healing Retreat Center and funded through our Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community Non Profit.

The New Hope Jazz Garden Project ie Inner City Urban CSA Farms is Charlies part of the whole Non profits feed the mind,body and spirit theme- -mine is the WNC Highlands Nunnehi Homestead Healing Center and CSA .

The upcoming healers tour is designed to raise funds to purchase and fully pay for the Nunnehi Homestead-our nearly 7 acres of off grid retreat center and holistically healthy CSA homestead farm...where ones come to reconnect to nature, to learn the olde ways of Appalachian Folk medicine and to connect to the POWER places of the WNC Highlands and HEAL THE WATERS of their bodies! Our retreat center and  education center-this will NOT be a "cheap" place to stay or a
'cheap" CSA to partcipate in... that is because after expenses (like paying staff their modest wages-and NONE of us do this because it is big money-lol- no way!!)

WE will be primary funding for the Inner City New Hope Jazz Gardens Project- .. we also want to help people get resources that desire to do these projects where THEY are!

Starting with  the Pittsburghs " Hills " district projects an area once thriving with Jazz Clubs and a deep musical heritage, predominantly African American neighborhood that we are called to help bring to life with gardens!
So many inner city areas have NO access to organic and healthful foods-healthful grocery stores are afraid to open in the areas and many people rely on convenience gas station snacks to live!

Starting with Inner Cities but our hope is to branch have music and gardens all around and to celebrate each CULTURES music and food! They grow what THEY love to eat!

My desire is ALSO to build gardens on the very poor Native American Reservatons and In Hispanic areas and in the  Poor Appalachias-to spread out gardens and music- to embace the CULTURE of the area... to let artist paint the garden walls and to let musicians perform and to constantly have music and growing of food and community!

We intend to work WITH the local police an even gangs that are open to provide a safe place for THEIR grandmothers and little brothers,sisters and cousins to come together in a peaceful space..We intend to help them provide an income to keep the garden going. and to expand the vision ..making Inner city abandoned lots oasis of peace and plenty...

I am big picture visionary and dreamer -but also a VIRGO Earth sign and a gardener and healer.. I have SEEN how chldren respond working in gardens- everyone feels better and happier when they are connected to the soil and to their own food sources-everyone craves community! Blending this with Music and Art and GOOD Healthy food... sighs-It is a GOOD thing!

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