Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Healers tour and Homestead update

Howdy Divine Love Lights! Been working on the upcoming" The Healers Tour"...according to my birthdate starting this would be best in Late Aug or Early Sept-giving me and my lovely assistants plenty of time to organize and book the dates and for the different venues to promote very well
I write things to keep ya'll up to date and to keep me focused and ALSO as a manifestation tool.. write it and it comes into is a VERY powerful manifestation tool many never get around to using - I will be reading this out loud several times- likely 15 times to break through ANYTHING..
On Tour our main hubs will be Asheville, Pittsburgh and DC Metro- each city having a 300 mile radius we will travel to-
The plan is to come in and work with groups of approx 30 to 60 and fingers crossed many hundreds and thousands  in time...
Fri evening we do a channeled message from the 8th dimensional Crystal Healing Palace as well as tapping into the Akashic Stream for attendees , The White Buffalo Calf Woman and Melissa the Bee Goddess ride strong with me especially ...
Sat will be Trance Medium Healing 11 am to 7 pm and a Shamans Songs -Drumming in Spirit concert Sat night- I sing the songs that were gifted by Spirit to heal...
 Sunday I will see folks for an hour for spiritual counsel then that evening have a Prosperity manifestation ceremony of abundance for Lightworkers that was given to me by the Archangels during my NDE-
I am able to stay in the area Monday and Tuesday if the venue owners wish to book  6 sessions per day for healing or spiritual counsel/akashic records or mediumship reading.
The channeling and the prosperity ceremony are not limited at all to amounts of people-As primary energy bearer of Dana Healing Energy  I was trained by my Grandfather to work with small,medium and very large groups.
During the planning phase if anyone would like me to visit their space and speak about New Earth Homesteading, Bee Havens,to do a channeled message from the 8th Dimension  ,to lead an Appalachian Folk Medicine Healing Circle let me know .. I will have videos up soon describing all of these things-
PS I am in the Burgh right now if you want to come get healing -afternoons 1 to 6 - please PM me and we will make arrangements-give me AT least a days notice!
I SHOULD be back in WNC the 21st -if anyone there wants to schedule me to speak or teach...-I will also be setting up my office in Lake Toxaway for healing,spiritual counsel and to sell my folk art!!
Big doins ya'll.. big doins!!!... Once I buy the homstead I will totally need a homestead caretaker while I travel! Hopefully a conscious,metaphysical love light on a similar wavelength!! ...Once we gather our funding we will start building the homestead bunkhouse - set up the retreat area  w picnic tables, seats and a larger SACRED firepit- probably like Chief Two Trees put in a massive sweat lodge - and bring in the livestock-plant the fields ,extend the orchard , and be getting the fences built-not in that order -but you know what I mean!!
Well that just about does it-need to go finish up the beans n cornbread for working in Gaia's Garden this afternoon... HUGZ.... and a big ole MUAH...

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