Thursday, May 2, 2013

How I do my healing...

How I do my healing....

Unlike most "healers" I am a Medical Intuitive and SEER- I see into many dimensional realities all at one time - including past and future life, I see any spirit attachments,cords of attachment and literally SEE the energy body.I see the MOMENT illness began to manifest and have the ability to BEND time in order to go back to when the water within the cells of the body were perfectly healthy-and help them REMEMBER that pure health! My training has been over 51 years and began when I was born-but the past 7 years has been primarily shamanic and energy healing as well as honing my herbal tonics, infused oils and vinegars, tinctures and elixirs!

I am a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Haumana Shaman
Trained in Jewish Shamanic Healing
I have been trained by Medicine People from the Lakota Sioux,Cherokee,Taino,Panamanian,Andean,Mayan.
I have extensive training in psychic development,crystal and vibrational healing..

and YET-after all that time,money and training..
I practice what was passed down in my family- the OLDE thyme Appalachian Folk Medicine Laying on of hands-calling in the angels to heal, transport mediumship healing and work with herbal tea and healing soup...
I love it-it is my lifes calling!

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