Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Battle of Ages is upon us

This morning the archangels came into my space as I was ranting about Monsanto and vowing to energetically burn them down.. the White Buffalo Calf Woman is riding in me strong ...

Then in walked the other archangels-I could then in vision see them leading a holy host of angels... I could see them all around me with a hoard of angels all on white horses-their golden swords shining and unsheathed.. ready to do battle in defense of innocents...

These words they then gave me to write.. and so I scribe and I share it to you....

The Battle by Sandra Bear Davis

The Winds are here
The 4 great Winds
Here to do battle
In the name of innocence
The battle we all felt approaching
before the storm
breathless and quiet...
do not fear
... when the winds blow and crush down
the seemingly mighty ones
an ant under the feet of the true might
we are protected
the 4 great Heavenly Winds
They are here riding on great horses
For love of the 7 generations
They ride....

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