Thursday, July 18, 2013

My move to Ellicott City is a launch! Moving 1st of Sept 2013!

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Well my move to Ellicott City  is a launch! Sept 1 2013!
I have a Craigslist ad in seeking a room in the area and can stay w family until then anyways.....
I have secured my work space at a Wellness Center in Old Town Ellicott City!
I have 2 local meetups that are growing and thriving
 and the other you can google- Intuitive Development, Psychic Readings, Tarot Study - it is in Ellicott City just launched TODAY!

I have a friend that will be working as my business manager helping me to organize and implement in a more DC biz manner! Getting my blog,youtube show and blogtalkradio show all lined up in a more orderly fashion ! All I can say is YEAH.. I have prayed and prayed for this!!

My schedule weekly is still being formed but this starts mid Sept- Mystery School Style Intuitive Development Classes. Other than Ellicott City I need places to teach these...
Tues is class in Northern VA
Wed is class in Washington DC
Thurs is class in Ellicott City

Monthly around DC Metro area I have a BIG weekend event...
 Fri night channeled message circle in Reston
Sat Appalachian Folk Medicine healing circle in Fairfax
Sun Prosperity manifestation ceremony in Woodbridge

I will begin a 2 year  certification course via monthly workshops in Ellicott City
as well as teach a once a month-amp up your healing ability workshop.
I will add in a once or twice a year "working,healing and playing with Elemental Kingdom" workshop as well.. have taught that since 2007-love it!

In Ellicott City
I will add in monthly  drumming circle
shamanic journey
trance medium healing circle
channeled message circle

I will offer private hour sessions for akashic records readings, face and palm reading,medical intuitive/trance medium healing with Cherokee accupressure,intuitive reflexology, herbal consultation ,crystal and vibrational shamanic healing!

Private hour sessions at the wellness center will be $110.00  1/2 hour $60.00 Likely Mon to Sat 11 am to 7 pm ....I MAY be in Northern VA a day or 2 at 1st and do some mobile healer/ reader appts for ones that cannot come out or don't have time to travel out...go to them ya know! ...My intention though is to work at the Wellness Center FT as soon as possible!

I am having to raise my rates as I will be paying higher rents for my healing space as well as my living space! A reader/healer is different than many professions as the energy it takes only allows me to do approx 4 or 6 sessions per day along w my group events!

I do phone readings as well weekdays 2 to 10 pm at 1-888-693-8437 ext 04268117  30 minutes is 60.00 through the Ether phone service. Starting in Sept those hours will be cut way back-
I will get back to doing a morning radio show w blogtalk radio-been missing that! Great way to connect with people!

I will also do trance medium art-folk art angels ,spirit guides and what I see in the energy body!

I am VERY excited about this move and doing my work more powerfully and prosperously NOW!

In many ways since 2008 it has been a really rugged time-but a time to grow strong,to perfect my events and to come right back to my power space in DC Metro and do my work!

Ellicott City MD is a launch!

Let's GO!!!!!!
Manifest manifest manifest-for the Greater good we serve-IN LOVE and LIGHT...

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