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It matters where this empath lives

It matters where this empath lives

When I lived on my little country homestead in Western NC I was grounded, content, deliriously happy. I thought it was my forever home-I was wrong….. I am a homesteader and come the Spring when I was getting ready to get my farm animals and plant my garden-the owner had a sudden change of heart about how I could use the space. The owner did not want me to plant a garden, did not want me to have goats, horses and chickens and yet expected me to keep up a large field. She had offered to owner finance-when I asked her about it the terms were ridiculous and unreasonable. .. and so I had to leave.
I was and continue to be heart broken over this 3 months later.

It forced me to move back to Pittsburgh which I had vowed never to do again … let me start this by saying- Pittsburgh is not in itself a bad place- we simply have bad energy mixture- we cannot blend and never will…

Pittsburgh is a great place in many ways-with lots of really nice people.
It is not that which gives me difficulty.

I have been in Pittsburgh off and on for 3 years. I can stay in the area a few months at a time but find myself unable to stay here any longer.

It is the energy here- you see I was born into natural positive energy spiral spaces and have lived almost all my life in these. These energies spiral in a clockwise motion with an upward and outward energy-full of life force and positivity.

Pittsburgh has a natural downward negative spiraling energy. It is why many magickal type people here are very depressed, medicated and desperately poverty stricken. It is why there are so many arguments and “Witch wars” here … constantly all the time drama -drama -drama- I withdrew from all that a long time ago-I loathe contention.

It is also why there is such an emphasis with psychics here with death. Mediums make a great living here- much more interest in death than positive living readings and ones wanting to align to their divine life path of service ( which is what I typically do my readings as – to aid ones to create the life of their dreams )

The energy here is death focused.

Here people deal with the negative spiraling energy several ways- they drink A LOT,  lots of addiction to gambling, they watch sports religiously, most folks are on medication for depression, they fight and fuss .. and LOVE it!

It is a simple natural energy phenomena here –one I do not and cannot resonate with!

When I spend months away I regain my positivity, my groundedness , my desire to serve as a healer, reader, teacher. I become me- a multitasker with lots of great events and classes going on all the time…

Week 1  I come back to the Burgh-I become  ungrounded and start to spin energetically . I lose my focus.

Week 2 I cancel all events as I lose my desire to serve the community here. I feel angry and pissed off.

Within a month-I have to get out- I become physically ill and feel desperately unhappy. trapped and financially strapped.

So you see-it matters where an empathy lives.
We feel the energy.

That is why as soon as possible I am moving to Ellicott City Md- it has for me a positive energy spiral, it is financially abundant, has charming old stone buildings  that I find grounding, has bike and walking trails, many nice shoppes and restaurants, has a relaxed prosperous energy. I have many clients there already, a space to work and loving heart centered connections and friendships quite quickly.

The energy reads positive, loving, financially prosperous , friendly , easy to live with and in….

I know it is NOT perfect-no place is-but some places are PERFECT for our energy. This space for me reads a perfect energy match.

In that area you will find me holding large events such as healing circles, prosperity manifestation circles, channeled message circles and YES at times even mediumship circles! I do these public events on love offering basis-ie ones pay whatever feels fair to their hearts-the average person in DC Metro gifts $40.00 an up- the average Pittsburgher left some lint- I would starve there as they say-hey my heart says it is free ( I kid you not people told me that to my face) In DC Metro- I see 4 to 6 clients per day for $90.00 an hours sessions-no one blinks an eye at the expense.

I teach classes in DC Metro slammed full of 30 attendees- Pittsburgh 1 to 3 would come out for most events.. I TOTALLY lost my desire to serve as it was JUST depressing (now in the Burgh at times events would be full and guess what I made w 12 attendees for a healing circle??? 10 bucks.. yep- 3 hours healing 12 people-10 bucks…… I felt very taken advantage of – and  unappreciated.

Now there were a few bright shining lights there- and I recognize you and love you- you are the ONLY reason I will ever come back to the Burgh .. I can handle a day or 2 a month when I visit .

For the next 6 months my hubby will be on a work project in New Orleans.
I will spend part time there and part time working in DC area- as well as come by Pittsburgh a few days at a time.

I will be keeping my eyes open for a rental house in Ellicott City..yeah  I KNOW it will not be cheap- GOOD! I want a nice upscale space to live out the next 50 years!!!

This is what we want- a nice suburban small homestead –where we can live, have gardens, chickens, and do our work abundantly!
Nice tree lined, nice wide sidewalked neighborhood on a quiet side street

Fenced in yard-pretty white picket preferably!

Garden spot, fruit trees, grape vines, berry bushes, space for a few hens
Dog run
Pool,pool house
Decks and patios , front porch w rockers and swing and a screened in porch
 Small greenhouse
Outdoor kitchen

3 BR 2!/2 baths
Work Office / art space  for ME!! ( I would prefer to do readings and healings from my home healing space - )
LR w working FP ,big DR, nice big light and bright –updated gourmet kitchen w breakfast nook
2 car garage and nice street side parking – perhaps in a culdesac…
Master bedroom suite w/  walk in closet and large master bath
Basement family room with fireplace w enough room to teach psychic dev classes , herbalism classes, Charlie to teach  chakra toning and journeying through the Chakras  weekly and monthly healers certification workshops .

I plan to drive a green range rover-old school style...and a red Jaguar. Charlie likely will have a new pickup truck.

When in positive spinning energy spaces I am the energizer bunny of metaphysical wonders!!

Mon to Fri 2 to 10 pm you can call w no appt for a reading or distance healing!
1-888-693-8437 ext 04268117
$60.00 for 30 minute session

I will be in DC Metro doing large group events July 21 to 26 through www.meetup.com/medical-intuitive-DC  I have 2 channeled message circles and an abundance manifestation ceremony along with doinga shamanicjourneey w a psychic development group and doing private sessions for healing and readings!


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