Monday, July 16, 2007

Saw a coyote and a deer in the Suburbs this weekend

I was feeling kind of bored and lonely, so I took my dog for a walk down by a small wooded area near a creek. While I was there I saw a coyote sitting beside a park bench and it just looked at me a while.. (so then I decided to pick up a walking stick and kept looking over my shoulder. )Then when I crossed over the creek there were tadpoles and butterflys-my little dog splashing in the creek.When I got to the end of my path I turned around and met up w/ the coyote again. I was resting on the same park bench and the coyote wandered by- he didn't see me til I whistled for him.Then he just laid down in the grass about 30ft. away and napped.A few minutes later a deer came jumping out over the path and started grazing . I thought I was in some sort of a Disney movie-alternate universe! I live in a condo community near a huge city so this wasn't like when I lived so far in the country you couldn't see a neighbor!It was to say the least- very cool!
Lesson: Nature is all around us and we humans need it. Mother nature calls us to experience nature as we are natural beings. Feed your spirit with quiet moments in harmony with ALL and you'll find there is no real aloneness.Aho,Shaman Mom

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